This group conducts research on atmospheric dynamics with particular regard to the meteorological phenomena typical of the mountain environment.

The research has developed along the following lines:

  • development and use of systems of atmospheric measurements at high altitude, through instruments installed on light aircraft, and on the ground using weather stations;
  • study of the phenomena associated with the development of local-scale atmospheric circulations by processing time series data collected from weather stations on the ground;
  • development and use of meteorological models for the study of atmospheric circulations on the scale of the valley;
  • collection, validation and standardization of data for the reconstruction of long time series and its climatology analysis.

The group has specific equiments to carry out field research and laboratory experimentation.

The research studies the atmospheric processes in the lower atmosphere, especially in the mountain environment, with particular reference to atmospheric measurements on the ground and subsequent analysis of meteorological climatological data, as well the development and/ or integration of numerical models for simulation of atmospheric processes.

The field measurements are made ​​during campaigns within specific research projects or studies commissioned by external subjects, or in activities connected to the undergraduate theses or doctoral research or scholarships.

Laboratory measurements are mainly devoted to the calibration of instruments used in onsite research, but also measumements to typify the funcioning og devices for the production fo artificial snow.

The numerical simulation of atmoshperical processes is carried out by means of meteorological models (WRF, BOLAM, MM5, ARPS).

The group is in charge of the Meteorological Osbervatory of the University installed at the building hosting the central administration offices "Molino Vittoria (instrumentations, functioning, maintenance, data analysis, availabillity of data and website: and of the reception system Meteosat Second Generation installed at the Faculty of Engineering.

Research Unit

Dino Zardi - FIS/06 - Associate professor