For the first semester 2020-2021, the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering will offer the following teaching options:

BLENDED TEACHING - most of the teaching activities will be held with the professor and parts of the students present in the lecture hall. The students will rotate weekly according to pre-established turns. The timetable will be published at the beginning of the semester.

ONLINE TEACHING - some courses will be taught online, either using synchronous sessions or asynchronous sessions.

The standard system to communicate with the students for each course is the Moodle platform.

In the Download Box more detailed information is available (only in Italian), together with a list of courses that will be only taught online.
Furthermore, the precise regulations concerning the turns can also be found in the download box. Students who want to be physically present during this semester must enroll by filling in the following electronic form until 12/2/2020 (or until 18/9/2020 for the students of the first year who have passed the entry exam only in August / September)