The Geodesy and Geomatics research group focuses on the modern methods for the relief and mapping of the land, carrying out researches  in a wide range of issues, from the theory of observations to the integrated management of metric and semantic information.

In particular, the reasearch group investigates innovative positioning and survey systems, such as GPS, laser scanning techniques and digital photogrammetry, which are nowadays pivotal for the description of the environment as well as for proactive mobility management.

Geographic Information Systems represent a further researches topic, especially with reference to geometric and topologic, 2D and 3D, modelling and to the development, test and implementation of innovative techniques for data processing and analysis.

Instruments and systems for topografic survey, image analysis, photogrammetric analogic and digital models development, Geographic Information Systems development and deployment, data simulation and analysis for spatial geodesy and the development of programs for satellites' data survey analysis (such as GPS) and for the processing of geodetic and control networks are available to the group.

Research unit