Project presentation

DICAM is among the 180 Italian research departments that are selected and financed by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) for the years 2018-2022, concerning the initiative “Departments of Excellence (L. 232/2016), which awards the departments that distingue themselves for the quality of the research conducted, financing specific projects of development.

Goals of development of DICAM


To strengthen two thematic strategical areas, to which interests and competencies of DICAM converge: “water” and “innovative materials and structures”.

Educational Offer

To enhance the professional aptitudes of Master’s degree graduates and their ability to face developing global scenarios, widening the international horizon of the different curricula and promoting project-oriented activities.

Socio-economic impact

To increase and raise the visibility of the territorial impact of research and high education activities, considering the spectrum of actors, ranging from high-tech enterprises to public agencies and civil society.

Contact information

DICAM - Department of Civil, Environmental, Mechanic Engineering
Via Mesiano, 77 - 38123 Trento
tel. +39 0461 281927 - Research Project's Support Office
e-mail: dicam [at]