The Sustainable Energy Laboratory is active in the field of the analysis and optimization of active and passive solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy harvesting.

The laboratory performs consulting activities in the field of dynamic modeling of building and HVAC components and energy systems to private companies and public authorities.

The laboratory also performs experimental tests on:

  • characterization of thermal conductivity and diffusivity of materials
  • calibration of temperature sensors
  • thermo-hygrometric performances of building envelope components in steady state and dynamic regime
  • HVAC performance testing by means of the hardware-in-the-loop test line
  • Efficacy of the HVAC control logic
  • in situ measurement of building and HVAC performance and commissioning activities
  • objective monitoring of the indoor environmental quality

The SEL members also teach in the Master’s degree program of Energy Engineering


Paolo Baggio
Maurizio Grigiante
Alessandro Prada
Vincenzo Trovato
Giovanni Lenardon
Asja Alic
Maja Danovska
Margherita Povolato
Erica Roccatello
Pablo De Juan Vela
Giordano Costanzi