The group is active in the field of fluid mechanics and hydraulics, with special regard to their applications to the land and environmental issues.
The group has developed a specific expertise in the field of fluid mechanics for granular and mud flows and in measurement techiques by means of visual mothods.
A second field of application regards the numerical modeling of complex phenomena in river hydraulics and environmental hydraulics. The group has developed a series of calculation codes for the one-dimensional and two-dimensional simulation of flows with strong temporal variations and of mobile-bed river flows.
The group has also treated the setting-up of physical models in scale of hydraulic structures and natural systems especially mobile-bed rivers in presence of sediment transport, works of lodging rivers, defense works from debris flows, hydraulic systems under pressure and hydraulic adjustment works.
Regarding the issues related to soil protection and hydro-geological risk, were dealt with the quantification of the dynamic effects of the flows, the definition of the risk areas and the checking of the effectiveness of devices and works to protect and control.
As part of the river morphodynamics, models have been developed to interpret the evolution of planimetric and altimetric riverbeds, both monocursali and pluricursali (twisted). As part of the environmental hydraulics, the group has dealt with the hydro-thermodynamics of alpine lakes and rehabilitation works (eg. through oxygenation ipolimnica) mainly through field studies, also in collaboration with the group of Sanitary Engineering  for  the quality of water. Studies were also carried out in the field of hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of tidal systems (lakes, estuaries), which led to the formulation of theoretical models of interpretation and implementation of mathematical models, which have as a possible application the problems of the safeguarding of the Venice lagoon.

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