The Teachers-Students Commission is composed by three teachers chosen by the Department’s Council, one of whom will be the Chair, and three students chosen by the representatives of the students among them. The Commission is appointed according to a Director’s decree, every two years.

TWP-YEARS PERIOD 2017-2019 (updated on 01/10/2017)

Prof. Marco Tubino – Presidente
Prof.ssa Alessandra Quendolo
Prof.ssa Roberta Springhetti
Prof. Stefano Siboni
Prof. Michael Dumbser

Sig. Francesco Weber
Dott. Gabriele Barile
Sig. Gabriele Slomp
Dott. Alessandro Zaniol
Sig. Valentina Ferri

Dott.ssa Elisabetta Delaiti – Staff di Dipartimento

Tasks The Commission is responsible for monitoring the teaching activities and their quality, as well as the services for students, provided by professors and researchers. It drafts an annual report on the status and quality of teaching activities, which is then tabled to the University Board for Quality and the Evaluation Committee.