Chi è Oreste Salvatore Bursi

Oreste Salvatore Bursi earned his degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Padova in 1984 and his doctoral degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of Bristol. He has been professor of Structural dynamics and control at the University of Trento since 2001. Bursi has already been deputy director of the department (from March 2013 to October 2015).

He has always had an interest in linear and nonlinear dynamic systems with structural and mechanical elements and control devices. Control devices have been used both for real-time control and to test dynamic systems in dynamic action. In his career Bursi worked on multidisciplinary problems through the analysis and design of complex systems that require both advanced modelling and experimental simulation and techniques. He is a recognized expert in Europe in the coupling of substructures for dynamic analysis. His research interests have recently shifted to research into the identification and structural monitoring of complex systems, like bridges and piping systems. Another research interest is the quantitative risk assessment of critical petrochemical plants for technological accidents triggered by natural disasters. 
He is a member of the National commission that decides on access to academic positions in Structural engineering (December 2016 – October 2018), and the co-founder of the Institute for Safety and Security Sciences of the University of Trento and of the start-up I-kubed.

Tasks of the Director

The Director is the official representative of the Department. He takes care of its correct functioning and carries out the tasks according to the University Statute and the Department Regulation.

He is in charge of summoning and chairing the Department Board and the Department Council and he supervises the research, teaching and organizational activities, ensuring that they are carried out in the correct manner.

He promotes and monitors the activities coordinated by the Department. He fosters, organizes and guarantees the smooth and regular implementation of research and teaching activities and all tasks conferred by the Department Board. He is a member of the Academic Senate.