The Department Board carries out all tasks foreseen by the legal norms ruling the university functioning, and in particular:

  • Approval of the Department Regulation;
  • Resolution regarding the general organization and planning of the Department;
  • Tabling to the Academic Senate of the multiannual strategic development plan of the Department, regarding actions related to teaching and research activities, relations with other institutions, based on the general criteria and limits, as established by the Academic Senate;
  • Draft for the Academic Senate, consistently with the multiannual strategic development plan, the proposals regarding the employment and development of careers of professors and researchers;
  • Approval of the general criteria to allocate resources by the University for research activities, upon proposal of the Director;
  • Approval of the contents and regulations of teaching activities, the annual teaching planning of the courses for which the Department is responsible, upon proposal of the Department Council with the participation of students;
  • Resolution on the creation and renewal of the Doctoral School; approval of its annual teaching contents, upon proposal of the Department Council.