We do research in the field of environmental, landscape and urban planning and design.

Characteristic features of our approach includes the involvement of territorial actors and the attention paid to the interaction between natural and anthropogenic processes.

The paradigm of sustainable development represents the overarching connection between different research and teaching areas, aimed at improving urban and landscape quality, and meeting social needs.

Our research is multi-scale and largely based on the combination of approaches, methods and empirical applications grounded in different disciplines.

Main research areas:

  • Planning and design for sustainable development  
  • Landscape planning and ecological design for settlements and infrastructures
  • Infrastructures and mobility systems 
  • Strategic environmental assessment of policies, plans and projects 
  • Planning for ecosystem services 
  • Spatial Analysis and Planning in Developing Countries 

Research group:

  • Corrado Diamantini, Full Professor (Lab coordinator) 
  • Davide Geneletti, Associate Professor
  • Raffaele Mauro, Full Professor
  • Pino Scaglione, Associate Professor
  • Bruno Zanon, Associate Professor 
  • Bilal Adem Esmail, PhD student
  • Chiara Cortinovis, PhD student
  • llaria di Carlo, PhD student
  • Farnaz Mosannenzadeh, PhD student
  • Linda Zardo, PhD student 
  • Giulia Garbarini, PhD Student
  • Gaia Sgaramella, PhD Student
  • Marcella Del Signore, PhD Student
  • Chiara Rizzi, PhD, Research fellow and lecturer