The main scientific topics of this Subject area are:

Materials, Meta-materials, Biomechanics, Solid and Soil Mechanics;
Structural Mechanics and Structural Systems.
The most innovative topics refer to the analysis and modelling of:

  • the acoustic, mechanic and electromagnetic properties of meta-materials;
  • the mechanic features of biological structures;
  • the properties of geo-materials, and
  • the optimization, structural monitoring and control of the structures, including smart structures.
  • Other research sectors deal with the development of tools for the evaluation of the vulnerability of:


  • buildings and estates;
  • the historical and monumental heritage;
  • the network of services
  • in order to mitigate and/or prevent the risks deriving from accidental and extraordinary actions.

More in detail, the analysis regards the methods and models for the evaluation of the vulnerability level of existing buildings, for the reduction of risk and the design of new buildings and structures, in particular in the event of accidental and extraordinary actions, as mentioned before.

Other analyses regard the development and management of expert systems, methods and models for the probabilistic evaluations and for the monitoring of the stability of banks and slopes, the propagation of mechanic waves in the ground, through materials and in the structures, and related constitutive models.

Sector of Competence

  1. Advanced Dynamics and Control of Structures
  2. Heritage Building Monitoring
  3. Intelligent Infrastructure
  4. Solid and Structural Mechanics
  5. Structural Analysis and Design
  6. Timber Structures