The Subject area Energy and Green Technologies is marked by an interdisciplinary approach and deals with the modelling and quantitative study of processes and systems of energy transformation (in particular the innovative ones, which use renewable energies – solar, thermal, photovoltaic, thermodynamic, biomasses, wind energy and hydroelectric, geothermic, urban wastes), and the distribution systems (smart grids) and energy storage.

The research activities regard also the development of models for a rational use and management of energy and energy saving, in final uses and in the tertiary sector, for domestic use, in urban buildings and in the industrial sector (in particular with reference to Near Zero Energy Buildings and innovative applications in district heating, co-generation, thermodynamics, refrigeration technologies, technologies for the extraction and fractioning of the thermo-physical features of materials, thermo-fluid-dynamics of the confined spaces, environmental conditioning for the human wellbeing and the conservation of manufactured goods, passive technologies and the plant systems for the environmental control, smart buildings and smart factories).

Research activities regarding the impacts on the environment and the health of the energetic systems and the technologies targeted to its containment, as well as the applications which allow for the re-use of materials.
The research topics include studies regarding materials to be used for energy purposes (functional materials, nano-materials, materials for high-temperature uses), in particular regarding the most innovative applications, such as thin-film photovoltaic cells and other PV devices, and devices for the storage of electric energy.

The Green Technologies also include topics regarding research activities targeted to the development and the energetic, environmental and health-oriented optimization of technologies for the treatment of water, gaseous and solid materials (muds, solid wastes, polluted soils) and targeted to the enhancement of energy and materials deriving from the treatment processes (biogases, fertilizers, soil improvers, secondary raw materials for the industrial and building sectors).