logo unitrento UniTN was founded in 1962. It has more than 16,000 students, and about 600 professors and researchers. UniTN is the Leader of the consortium, as well as the coordinator of WP5. The Activity Leader is Sara Favargiotti - Associate Professor of Landscape Design in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering. It coordinates WP5.
logo BIOAZUL BIOAZUL (BIO)  is an SME located in Malaga, Spain. It provides technical and business solutions in the environmental, energy engineering, and water fields. It acts as a catalyst, promoter, and facilitator of business and research relationships between Spanish companies and research centres, and their equivalents from across the world. It coordinates WP4.
logo Building Global Innovators Building Global Innovators (BGI) is an innovation global accelerator based in Lisbon (Portugal). It supports entrepreneurs and Innovators (startups / spin-outs under 5 years old), working on 4 market- verticals: (i) Medical Devices & Health IT, (ii) Smart cities & Industry 4.0 Solutions, (iii) Enterprise IT & Smart Data, (iii) Water Economy. It coordinates WP1.
city of giteborg City of Göteborg (GK) is represented here by Martin Berg - Planning Officer at the Property Management Department. This department works on farming-related issues in urban and peri-urban contexts, focusing on creating commercial opportunities for farmers in Gothenburg by developing models for land lease, educational projects, etc. It coordinates WP3.
logo HIT Fondazione Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT) is the instrumental body of the Autonomous Province of Trento, and an organization to research and distribute knowledge pursuant to European Union regulations.
HIT promotes and enhances the scientific-technological research activities and results of its founders: University of Trento, Edmund Mach Foundation, Bruno Kessler Foundation and Trentino Sviluppo.
It is a member of the consortium and a partner of EIT Food since 2020. HIT will support the whole consortium and will coordinate the activities of open innovation, in which other members are directly involved.
logo Fondazione Edmund Mach The Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM) is an agricultural institute founded in 1874. It carries out activities of research, education, and training, as well as provides technical assistance and services for companies. FEM will coordinate WP2. This WP covers the activities of scale deep, with the aim of empowering consumers and producers and increasing their engagement.
logo Ruralia Institute - Università di Helsinki (RI) Il Ruralia Institute - Università di Helsinki (RI) RI utilizes the competence of the entire University of Helsinki in applying research information. It employs 50 or so experts, engaging in international, national, and regional cooperation activities.
RI examines sustainable development and the changing relationship between global and local issues from the perspective of rural areas. 
logo Spindox Labs

Spindox Labs (SPXL) SPXL is the R&D department of Spindox Spa, focused on innovation projects related to Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision, the Internet of Things, and 3D modelling. SPXL will coordinate the sub-activities on ICT/new technologies for food production, distribution, and consumption, leveraging on already developed technological solutions applied to the smart retail sector. Those solutions could potentially be replicated and tested in Italy and Spain in collaboration with BIO.

Local Communities
  • L’Ortazzo, Trentino  (IT)
  • Orto San Marco - Setàp, Trentino  (IT)
  • CSA Naturalmente in Trentino, Trentino  (IT)
  • Edera - Emporio di Comunità, Trentino  (IT)