• Communication
    The University provides services to enhance the communication on activities, events and teaching and research activities.
  • ICT services
    ICT services managed by the former Laboratory of Calculus, in Mesiano, targeted to teachers, students and administrative and technical staff
  • Signal malfunctioning
    Here you find the contacts to signal possible malfunctioning of telephone services, hardware and software, safety on the workplace, logistics and building management.
  • Security and safety
    … because prevention and safety should become an integral part of the general organization of the University, in an increasingly important and systematic manner. They should be a fundamental element at all organizational levels and in all activities.
  • Mense - webcam
    … new network of university sports services and facilities of Trento and of the whole Province, devoted to students and staff of the University
  • CRU
    University Recreational Association
  • Professor and Staff 
    Library, Press Review, Organization, Scientific Research, Catalogue of the Scientific Production, Technological Transfer, Available courses, Online Services for teaching activities, International, Work at University, IT services, University Telephone Services, Norms and Rules, Templates and Forms