The Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering - DICAM underlines that class attendance is fundamental for effective learning. 

All faculty members have been invited to adopt at least three of the following measures for students who are unable to attend classes: 

  1. provide the course's notes or slides with the contents of theoretical classes on Moodle 
  2. provide exercises with solutions and other teaching material that may be useful for learning on Moodle 
  3. provide the recordings of classes and/or exercises (including from past years, for example recordings of classes held during the covid-19 pandemic) 
  4. provide a list of suggested readings on most of the topics covered in the course 
  5. offer dedicated office hours for students who are unable to attend, at least twice during a semester, preferably online, but also in person 

Faculties are required to list the measures they have chosen in a special section in Moodle. 

With regard to the organisation of exams, there are currently no special measures in place for non-attending students at DICAM in addition to the 5 exam sessions in each academic year. 

For the laboratory work of the single cycle Master's degree in Construction Engineering-Architecture, the attendance requirement also applies to non-attending students with no exceptions. 

If you need to be absent from your studies, fill out the 

and provide the requested information on the reason for absence and the classes or courses you will not be able to attend. Remember that the University will verify the information you provided. You will receive a confirmation email at your university email address. Faculty members may ask you at any time to provide the confirmation email as proof of your circumstances.

Your exemption from attendance expires at the end of the semester. If you will still be unable to attend in the following semester, view your course timetable and fill out the form again.

For more information, please read the Department's guidelines that will be published soon.