Progetto Social Housing

Integrated sustainable construction systems with a steel-timber structure for industrialised social housing buildings

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Published works
Vol. 1 Experimental characterization of timber-timber and steel-timber connections (2016) 
Vol. 2 Bending tests on steel-timber floor composite elements (2016)     
Vol. 3 Loading tests on a full-scale prototype of steel-timber hybrid floor (2016)

TRENTO. University of Trento – Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineerig editors.

Editorial Scientific Committee
Cristiano Loss, Maurizio Piazza, Riccardo Zandonini
Editorial secretary: cristiano.loss [at]

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The “live to live” research project arises from the collaboration between the University of Trento and the Pre Metal S.p.a. group, a local company with a pluriannual experience in the construction industry. This three-year research aims at the development of a new product for the social housing sector, easily replicable and capable of ensuring a suitable architectural flexibility, also thanks to its remarkable characteristics of innovation, environmental sustainability and economic attractiveness. This research has been financed according to the Province Law number 6/99 (APIAE) regarding subsidies to companies. The work has led to the implementation of a new hybrid construction system obtained by joining prefabricated modular light steel and steel-timber elements, which provide the whole structure with a high bearing capacity for both horizontal and vertical loads, limiting at the same time any damages towards seismic actions.

From time to time, the results of the activity carried out within this research project will be published by the individual working groups in the editorial series above mentioned.