The Subject Area "Wireless Technologies and Systems" is intrinsically multi-disciplinary in nature, and it targets the broad fields of Advanced Engineering and Science with main focus on the analysis and optimization-based synthesis and design of advanced systems, architectures, methodologies, techniques and devices for communications, sensing, localization, tracking, and power transfer as applied to information transmission, energy, smart cities and environment, civil engineering and protection, situation emergency management, precision agriculture, biomedicine, and wireless internet-of-things.

The research topics addressed in this area include (but are not limited to):

  • AI-powered methodologies for antenna and array control
  • Antenna and array processing and diagnosis
  • Biomedical EM vision, prognostics, and diagnostics
  • Digital agriculture technologies and methodologies
  • Field manipulation technologies and methodologies
  • Industrial imaging and NDT/NDE
  • Innovative antennas for mobile and satellite systems
  • Navigation, localization, and geofencing
  • Next-generation Industry 4.0 methodologies and tools
  • Next-generation array architectures for sensing
  • Smart building and smart grid management
  • Space-time coding devices and systems
  • Subsurface and through-the-wall imaging
  • Unconventional phased arrays and MIMO systems for communications
  • Wireless power transmission technologies
  • Wireless virtual control and management

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