Themes of research

Water and innovative materials and structures represent areas of strategic interest in which DICAM has expressed its international scientific qualification.


The research addresses some key issues that the company will face in the medium term: over-exploitation of resources, freshwater shortages, increased toxic chemical Pollution and exposure, blue and green infrastructures, nature-based solutions, and long-term resilience.

Main lines of research:

  1. the effect of climate change and anthropogenic land use on extreme events and the availability of water resources, for sustainable management of the environment and urban areas;
  2. interaction between local and global water resource exploitation and ecosystems and their ecosystem services;
  3. the effect on the ecosystem and human health of the release of nutrients and toxic substances, from classical organic contaminants to emerging organic contaminants and nano-particles.

Innovative materials and structures

The proposed reinforcement in this area focuses on some priority themes of Excellent Science, Societal Challenges, and Industrial Leadership of the Horizon 2020 program. The development objectives concern the conception, design, implementation, and validation, through multi-scale mechanical models, of innovative, resilient, and connected materials and structures. This requires the analysis and synthesis of advanced solids and structures, from nano to macro scale, with strong technological and socio-economic scientific repercussions.

Main lines of research:

  1. nanomechanics and bio-inspired materials;
  2. innovative materials capable of withstanding extreme stresses;
  3. risk and resilience of structures and infrastructures subject to extreme actions